New features in ProPresenter 6 [Videos]

Yesterday, Renewed Vision released the Beta for ProPresenter 6 and I’ve been hard at work playing with it. I’ve already gotten to talk to a developer about a few bugs I’ve found, but all in all it’s really stable and I’m looking forward to the full release.

Last night, I went to the site and looked over the new features and created videos for most of them. I was up until almost 3 editing and uploading. I then took a break to sleep and got back at it this morning. Here are all the videos that I did:

Slide element transitions:

Websites as slides:

Bezier curves:

Marquees and scrolling text:

Reflow Presentation 2.0:


The Scheduler:

Enhanced Messaging:

Notes in contiguous view:

Cue Pallette:

Stage Display Enhancements:

Social enhancements (Instagram support):

Record output:

Bible Enhancements:

There are more features that I haven’t touched on yet, but it looks like Renewed Vision is doing their best to make me want to push for an upgrade.

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The ProPresenter 6 Beta is now available!

ProPresenter 6 tutorial initial reations

I got on FaceBook today around noon only to find out that ProPresenter 6 is now available! I downloaded it and have been playing with it most of the day.

Watch the video above for my initial reactions.

Take a look at these videos about most of the new features in ProPresenter 6.


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ProPresenter 5 Tutorials: Folders, Media organization, and the mistake I made | Screencast show

ProPresenter 5 tutorial

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Church email newsletters: Autoresponders and A/B Testing | Tech Help for Churches

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Church Streaming with That VidBlaster Guy and Streaming Idiots

The internet is a strange place. I follow a lot of people that I don’t necessarily know and I’m not sure whether they know me or not. I normally assume they don’t. It seems like a safe bet, but it may not be.

A few weeks ago I got an email from one such person, Tom Sinclair. It turns out that he’s been following me about as long as I’ve been following him. He asked me to join him on his shows and so last week that’s what I did.

So, below, you’ll find episodes of That VidBlaster Guy and Streaming Idiots. It was fun, although he kept embarrassing me, telling me that I was too humble. Oh well. Better humble than conceited. ;)


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Listen to the latest show:

It’s $3.99 elsewhere (click on the picture below to see where), but I’ll send it to you for FREE: